Brian J. Pierce, a Dominican monk, wrote in his book We Walk the Path Together these words. “We live immersed in the eternity of God, and slowly that eternal presence is opening up, revealing to us that which is already in us and around us. We too often misunderstand eternity as an after-life, a life that begins only after death. This is like saying that God is gone for the moment, out to lunch, visiting some distant universe for the time being. This is to miss completely what the scriptures point to as living in the kingdom of God as ‘life in abundance'” (John 10:10).

Share your journey, your walk, your story with someone today! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to live a full life at this moment at this time in YOUR LIFE.

“Blessed be the LORD for evermore! Amen, I say, Amen”  Psalm 89:32

See you in Church!