This past Sunday one of our members shared with me how he felt “restless” with all that is going on in and around our world. Poverty, wars, rumors of wars, planes falling out of the sky, children left alone and vulnerable in hot cars, human trafficking, fellow Christians suffering persecution throughout the world, the list just goes on and on. We discussed what our response should be as believers how perhaps this “restlessness” is a call from God to move forward with our personal gifts and abilities to “walk” into the pain and loss bringing the comfort of our Savior.

Dorothy Day, co-founder of the Catholic Worker Movements is quoted as saying this, “Neither revolutions nor faith can be won without keen suffering. For me Christ was not to be bought for thirty pieces of silver but with my heart’s blood. We buy not cheap in this market.”

Dear God, thank you for making us “restless”, for not being comfortable with the sin around and in us. As we have received Your gift of grace give us the courage to walk with You and for You in this dark world. As we face the loss, the grief, the pain of others bless us with the assurance of resurrection and may our times of service be a living example of Your love and grace!

See you on the path…