I was reading Psalm 124:1 “If the LORD had not been on our side:” and the thought came to me where would I be now? I would not be in Fresno I would probably still be in the Midwest. I would have never worked with the Hmong and brought hundreds of refugees to the United States. I would not have been pastor of First Chinese Baptist Church and had the opportunity of going with medical teams to Thailand and Myanmar. My daughters would not have met the men they married. “If the LORD had not been on our side” Arlean and I would be different people.

In his RULE for monastic communities, Benedict of Nursia wrote, “Such a follower of Christ lives in reverence of him and does not take the credit for a good life but, believing that all the good we do comes from the Lord, gives him the credit and thanksgiving for what his gift brings about in our hearts… That is St Paul’s example, for he took no credit to himself for his preaching when he said: It is by God’s grace that I am what I am. And again he says: Let anyone who wants to boast, boast in the Lord.”

Dear God, thank you for making me what I am. May I honor You today as I worship, serve, pray and tell others that they too can be different men and women because of the Savior. Help me along the path today.
Amen and again I say Amen.