There was one thing in that tiny mission, I’ve been sharing about, which remained precious to my wife and me. It was solid oak pews. For some reason when the original church left and built a new building they left the old fashioned seating. But, after a good cleaning and polishing the wood shined in the sunlight and every person that came into that tiny sanctuary would say, “Oh how beautiful. Look at the pews!”

One Monday afternoon I drove up to the mission and something looked different. The door was open! I had put new locks on so why would they be hanging open? With some nervousness I moved into the church and it hit me. The pews were gone. The sanctuary was empty, not a single piece of oak was in sight.

As I stood there one of the neighbors came in and said, “Well pastor the people from the original congregation are having a yard sale. They thought oak pews would be a great seller so they came and took their property. Said they were sorry about breaking in but knew we wouldn’t mind.”

In Acts 6:8 we are told, “Through God we can accomplish great things.” I had a feeling I was going to need some of that promise in order to get some answers. In fact, to not back down to make things right.

Dear God, I heard someone say that we are like tubes of toothpaste. When the squeeze is put on what comes out is whatever we’re full of! Savior show me where I need to be “full of faith” today. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.