A couple of days ago I wrote about the pews we had in the sanctuary of my first church. Some of you have written curious about my response. Well…to tell you the truth I was furious! Here we had invested sweat, energy, and hard work into making that mission a safe, welcoming place to come for worship and it felt like we had been abused when they broke in and took those pews. I got in my car drove up the hill and burst into the pastor’s new office. Before he could say a word I blasted out,

   “What were you thinking when you broke down the front doors and took back the  pews? Oh…I understand you still own the property but to just rip them out from under us was wrong just wrong.  Don’t you understand the kind of message that sends to non-Christians? They have invested hard work into making that God’s sanctuary, a safe place. If you got out of your office and did a little work. If you stooped over once-in-awhile to pick a radish like those living in the valley, maybe then you could grasp what you have done.”

Now as I drove back to the church I realized there probably would have been a better way to handle this situation. I could have called, could have asked nicely for some pews returned so we would have somewhere to sit. But all I could see were the faces of the people as I drove away.

What do we mean when we say dedication? To one person it may mean giving up a football or baseball game to go to church on a Sunday morning. To another it may point to a decision to begin giving some money to the Lord’s work. To another it may add up to leaving a comfortable setting and serving as a missionary or pastor. What does it mean to dedicate a church, a child, and a life to the Lord?

You might want to read 1 Kings 8:63

Dear God, today I will dedicate my life to Your purposes. I will make public my intentions and my commitments. So, dear Savior let others tell from my daily walk what I feel is important and what is first place in my life. YOU! In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Are you on the path?