Several of you regular readers are still curious about the pews. Well, I had to apologize for my behavior. I did lose my temper and there was no excuse for bursting into a fellow pastor’s office and making a scene. One thing I was learning is that it’s all in God’s hands and timing so I wrote a letter of apology.

The next day all the pews came back except one, the pastor had purchased that one. A deacon of the church came by to say he was sorry. He felt it wasn’t right to break in and take something they had abandoned in the first place. No, he hadn’t heard about my little tantrum but did say he was sorry he had missed it.

There are two important lessons I’ve continued to learn from God’s Word. The first is that dedication will inevitably involve some sacrifices. Sacrifice is ultimately an expression of trust in God. As believers we will be asked to sacrifice time, energy and resources to demonstrate we love Him more than stuff.

The second I keep being taught is that dedication requires praise to God. That God keeps His promises and because of that we say, “Thank You Lord for Your Faithfulness.” It is praise that recognizes that all we have, even pews that come and go, is a result of God’s promises to us…as a result of His faithfulness in our lives.

You might want to read Romans 12:1

Dear Lord, today give me a chance to really stretch my dedication to You. Give me courage, the strength to serve You so that others can see what it means to worship You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Stay on the path…..