Some of you have written and asked, “What did you do after the young man ran away?” Well…I was so angry, I was so full of adrenalin that I picked up a screwdriver that we carried, in case the old van refused to start, and I….bent it in half. I remember shouting, “If I wasn’t a Christian I would bend you just like this screwdriver!!!!!!!”

When I got back to the center I told my director what had happened. I expected him to empathize, to say how awful it must have been, to at least pat me on then back. All he said was, “I wonder how that kid is doing? He must be scared to death right about now.”

With some puzzlement I mumbled, “What? What about me? I too was sacred to death!”

My mentor looked at me smiled and quietly and said, “God has you in the palm of His hand. You will be okay, now go and call his mom and see what’s going on with that kid.”

We may not always be able to figure out the whys, the reasons a problem comes into our lives. But we can always see God work the miracle of transforming our sufferings, our fears into helping another in discomfort. People are in so much pain and we have been called to give, to share so that God’s love overflows onto others.

But….I still shake my head and think, “I really would have liked to…” (You can probably fill in the blank without my help).

Dear God, even though I often don’t feel like it, and honestly don’t really want to, please make me a blessing any way. I know there are people who need Your comfort, Your love right now! In fact, Dear Lord it’s probably those people I have the most trouble loving who need You the most. Guide my life today and let Your love overflow from me to them. Amen.

Even though you might not want to…stay on the path.