Read Luke 17:15-17

One time I took a men’s group to Moaning Caverns here in California to do some repelling. In fact, it is the only cave in California, I’ve been told, where you can actually hang on a rope and go down, down, down into the dark. It also has the oldest arc-wielding project in the world, the stairs you walk on to come back up from the bottom of the cave (something they don’t tell you until after you have reached the end of the rope).

There we all stood with our helmets, boots, gloves and harness. We got our instructions and safety lecture about how to adjust the speed of our descent and then our teacher said something that stuck with me. He said, “Gentlemen there is nothing that can happen to you that I can’t take care of. I will be here and all you have to do is yell and I’ll haul you up or come down to you. There is only one thing you can do that will hinder me assisting you. That is…if you let go of the rope. Do not let go of the rope!”

In our scripture reading the first thing you notice is that only one in ten took the energy and time to say thank you to Jesus. I mean really, where had they gone? What was so important that they couldn’t come back and thank the One who had healed them from this devastating disease?

They let go of the rope. They had been healed, taken care of, watched over and then ran away. We must stay connected to God. Oh I know its easy to forget our Savior and we often turn to Him only when dangling over tough times. So, take some moments right now to say “thanks” to God. Don’t let go of God!

Hold onto the path…