Read Luke 10:29-32

I was given the task in the late seventies of helping relocate and administrate the hundreds of Hmong and Laotian people escaping from the war (oh… I forgot it was a police action) in Southeast Asia. Church World Service, the American Baptist Churches USA and of course our Federal government had a problem. We went from processing a few people to over 7,000 Hmong people instantaneously.  They would need clothes, food, housing and most of all education. Where would it come from? Who would help?

From our scripture reading we discover that the priest and the Levite just “walked on by” when they too were confronted by a crisis. Why? I think because it was easier to pretend that a need didn’t exist. Ignoring needs is easy that’s why this parable is such a painful story to read. But again the question: why do we ignore people in need?

Let me list a few possibilities: Fear-afraid of the time, energy, and money we might need to spend. Of course we might also be physically afraid. How about our own personal bias and prejudice this too can hinder our helping. We make judgments all the time about other people and how they should be living and what got them into the situation they are trying to handle. Or…time! We are just too busy to slow down and help another.

I have to be honest back in 1978-1984 I had a real urge to walk on by! Just the thought of how much time, energy and money it was going to take getting those people help was enough to cause you to run the other way.  Not only that we discovered more were coming!

Pray with me: Savior, there are some things I’m having trouble letting go of today. There is some pain, anger even a few regrets that keep me from staying on the path of service. Give me the strength today to let these problems go so I may not be guilty of just walking by. I need Your strength today! So, I pray this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Walk the path today and don’t forget to help someone up along the way…