Read Corinthians 9:24

I’ve discovered that one of our biggest problems in making the commitments we should make for Christ is usually ourselves! We don’t always feel like doing what we know is right to do. Sometimes we feel like doing what we know will be the worst thing we could do.

Now as we were working with resettling, and providing for the newly arrived refugees there were others asking for help as well.  I mean within five square miles of our center and church there were Hmong, Lao, Mien, Latino, Greek, Russian, German and Croatian populations all living in the same neighborhood. Not only were there turf issues but also every age group wanted their own specific programs.

When it came to activities and resources nobody wanted to share and everybody wanted their own specific needs met…first. Nobody acted like they had anything in common except for one thing…soccer. Now in the Midwest there are some cold and snowy days which make outdoor activities somewhat limited  but there was always indoor soccer. A fast paced game that I thought would be a great way to bring everyone together.

We formed a High School boy’s indoor soccer team. We didn’t have much in the way of equipment but we did have talent. I had Hmong kids who could dribble down the field weaving in and out and never be touched. I had a young man from Brazil that could shoot from half court and almost make it every time. I had some inner city guys that could block anyone anywhere (on or off the field) The only problem I had…they didn’t like working together.

I trained them until they were too tired to argue. I pushed to their and my limits and still had trouble getting them to pass that ball across the field. Oh we won-we won the first six games just on talent. I was frustrated and angry. I would put them all in the van for the ride home and sure enough there would be a fight.

I prayed, “God give me some help here.” He did, in the form of some soccer All-stars, a team of young men that had it all. They had talent, they had the best equipment, they had team spirit. But…the thing they did for us, the very first time we met on the field was they beat us.

Savior, today I need your help! Today I need a renewed commitment to excellence. Assist me in confronting and dealing with those people and those issues that keep me from winning the race You have set for me. Be with me today as I struggle with this path I’m on. Amen!!!!!!!!