Read 1 Corinthians 9:24

Yesterday I told you how our team lost. As we drove that night back to the center I had, for the very first time, a very quiet group of young men. No arguing, no hollering, they just stared ahead and kept their mouths shut. I have to admit to feeling somewhat pleased. Just possibly they would now understand why they needed to work as a team in order to win.

In fact, this gave me the opportunity to share what the Bible says about winning, about having the right perspective. I talked about Paul’s description of what it means to run this race of life and what winning means as Christian men and women. We are told to train for the “crown” for eternity. If we can work to win a soccer game just think what a focus on eternity could do for our lives?

Well it was actually a Disney movie moment. The end of the season came and it was down to the All Stars and us. Each team with one loss, which meant we were playing for the championship. I will never forget that night as long as I live. In fact, everyone should have the experience of playing a game that comes down to the last few seconds and the score is tied.

The room was full of spectators…all for the other team since our people didn’t have the transportation to get clear across town. The stands literally rocked and rolled with the stamping of feet. There was some jeering but I could see it in my team’s eyes. Today was the day.

Now this is the truth the game was tied, literally down to 30 seconds and we had the ball. Jerry dribbled down the field and sure enough he passed to Blong. He drove hard toward the goal and looked like he was going to try and shoot through the defenders. Yet, Terrance had a clear shot, I screamed, I shouted, I prayed and…Blong passed the ball. Terrance connected, he shot and it went in! We won! The stadium was totally quiet except for my guys. Every culture was jumping on top of the other in the middle of the field. We were champions.

Father, help me to see the areas in my life that need to be changed. Changed so I too can be a team member in my church, in my family, with my spouse, and friends. I know there is a goal; there is a ministry that is not happening because I have yet to get on the team. Help me find that place of service. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.