Read Genesis 6:8-9

When Noah came out of the ark we are reminded of the motivational power found in worship. The first thing Noah did after getting off the ark was praise God. I mean really what would have been your first reaction after 382 days on a boat? Well…Noah worshiped, he took the time to say thank you to God first!

So after some time working with the various refugee populations I felt it was time to start a church. After prayer,  preparation and labor we set a time and all we needed next was worshipers. Eleven o’clock came, then noon, then one and still no people. I told my wife, “I guess no one is coming to day so let’s pack up and head home.”

Just at that moment a man walked through the front door and asked, “Is there church today? I have heard there are Christians here!”

He was an elderly man who had accepted Christ through the efforts of missionaries before the conflict, sometime around 1957. He had served in the military, his sons had also served and then given the opportunity to travel to America. With tears running down his face he said, “But there has been nowhere for us to worship until now.”

That first Sunday there was my wife, three daughters, our first member and me. Probably one of the greatest worship services I’ve ever taken part in. Our brother in Christ gave thanks for those early saints who served in Southeast Asia, he praised God for helping his family come through a huge conflict. We praised God for being among us at that time and place in our lives.

Dear God and Savior motivate us to live and worship in such a way as to honor Your sacrifice. Today may we pause and remember those who have gone before, who stayed on the path so that we can stop and praise You today! Amen.