Read: Proverbs 3:5-6

I was putting away some old files from the time I resigned as executive director of our outreach to the refugee community. I recalled how they had learned quickly the ropes in regards to social service. They had a pastor that could lead them, teach them in their own language. What happened needed to happen. They didn’t need me in the way any longer.  After years of preaching, teaching and directing home mission projects I felt God asking me to move on.

I had some great offers. I could be the executive director of a home mission in Montana. I had several churches looking to make re-starts and wanted me to consider helping. There was a new church start planned in Oregon, a diverse population looking for a pastor with cross-cultural experience. Please come they cried.

But none of it seemed right. I went back into fulltime Marriage/Family Counseling. Helped out as chaplain at one of our retirement communities and waited. An opportunity arose for me to go into partnership with two other counselors. Now this was a great chance and seemed like a golden opportunity. This must be what God had in mind for me after all.

But…just didn’t seem right and so I waited for God. Of course the other therapists wanted a decision now! “Was I in or out?” I kept asking, “What’s going on God?’

During this waiting period I learned some things. First…God’s purpose must be a part of my everyday life decisions. Second…we are called to build a lifestyle that expects God’s daily directions. Third…I wasn’t doing any of that.

Now I don’t know about you but I had a question: Is the waiting worth it? Maybe I should just do what I want to do. Get it over with. But I’ve also learned, because I waited, is that making change for God is not a game. You don’t bring people to God you don’t make significant changes for Christ without sacrifice. Drawing people to God, giving them new hope, and sitting with those in pain requires the gift of time and energy. Changing someone’s eternal destiny is worth a little waiting. We believers make a difference in this world because we live by a different set of standards we understand there may be some waiting involved until God says “go”. We can do so because of this fact…when connected to Jesus Christ you are never on your own even in the waiting room. 

Okay sorry this is supposed to be a Blog not a sermon. My Lord and God help me do one thing to show another that Jesus Christ cares for them while they and I wait for which direction to take on the path.. Amen.