We are told in the Bible that God will direct our paths IF we acknowledge Him. Not maybe, not perhaps but will. Yet, we have to do some things as well for that to happen such as, “Trust the Lord with all my heart.” So, the question jumps at us, “Who am I trusting in? Myself? My friends? My partner?”

Again the Bible notes, “Lean not on your own understanding.” How do we avoid this temptation to do it all on our own? Rollo May once said, “It is an old and ironic habit of human beings to run faster when we have lost our way.” In other words, stop running and do something…like pray. Talk to God often, it keeps you from running faster than your feet can carry you.

The Book of Proverbs makes this great comment, “In all your ways acknowledge Him.” In your devotional life tell God how much He means to you. Publicly let others know God is first while everything else is second. That is what I learned most in the various waiting periods in my life. God was not first. I had put church members, clients, office and salary ahead of God. He was no longer first. Dear brothers and sisters learn from the mistakes of others.

Father, here is the one decision I’m facing now that I would most like to have direction so I can stay on the path. Go ahead fill in the blank____________________________________________. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.