Pastor, shepherd, pilgrim what did she say to you that shocked you? My sister in Christ told me that while in prison she had a dream. That God told her that one day a white missionary would come and she would know then her wait had not been in vain she could now come home. Even though she had given everything up for the Gospel she would be rewarded knowing the Good News would blossom in her city and country.

She told me how she laughed. Why did they need a white missionary? The gospel was spreading through her nation through the ministry and sacrifice of her own people, her own brothers and sisters. They didn’t need someone coming to bring the Gospel the Savior was already here. But, she continued when she heard about the doctors and the one “white” man she had to see me.

She smiled, touched my face, and laughed long and hard sure enough there he stood a white guy with a white beard and hair. Can’t get any whiter than that. We held hands and sang with joy. Two shepherds in the Holy Spirit across time and distance brought together knowing God is great! But preacher why? What’s the point of this story.

Answer I haven’t the faintest idea. Only that each of us is a witness, each of us is an agent of change. That God has a plan to bring all into His kingdom. But…sometimes we get tired, sometimes we feel the strain and God wants His children to know none of it  has been in vain. So…He provides us with a hint of His Sovereign grace and plan. (Plus you’ve got to admit God definitely has a sense of humor. A White guy really?).

Yet, even as I write this I can still see her face. The smile the joy in her eyes. Before I left she sang for me and these are her words…

“Emmanuel, God is with us. How glorious! What a blessing! Emmanuel, God is with us. Peace, Joy, my heart is content. The cross, the cross, is my victory forever. Through the Lord’s blood and great power, He brings victory in life”.

Sister Wei Ann=Ru thank you for your life and service. Rest in our Savior and one day we will all stand in our Savior’s presence and sing together. Praise God! He has called and we have answered!!

We must stay on the path though the way often seems confusing and dark. We are in this together. “The cross, the cross, is my victory!”