Paul and Elaine Lewis while serving in Northern Thailand translated the gospel into Akha. They brought hope through God’s Word and villages were changed for Christ. Elaine was a nurse and taught health courses, gave demonstrations on well baby care and in general was the medical person for the Hmong, Mien and Akha. Oh by the way…they brought to Christ one young man named Luka. Yep the man that was sitting with me on that mountaintop in Northern Thailand.

Now we give lip service to the fact that God has a plan. We pray and talk about the love of God and how He has a direction, a purpose for each of us as we walk His path. But do we really believe it do we really think its true?

I do! I’ve seen it over and over again. How there just are no coincidences when it comes to God’s saving grace. The  pilgrim is not alone! God’s plan for each of His children is laid out and no matter how we try sometimes to wander away we are gently brought back so the hope, the joy the love of God can be displayed.

Our Father, lift our hearts to You, Lord Jesus, that we might by Your Spirit’s power be instruments of Your mercy, keeping others on the path, to the glory of God the Father. Amen.