I believe signs leading to God are all around us but sometimes we are so busy, lazy, tired, confused that we don’t see them. I realize the following picture I took at the stop light was merely a tow truck. But for just a second I saw our Savior on the cross. Okay okay I know its a far stretch but it did cause me to pause, to give thanks and pray for those sitting in their cars around me.

A seventeenth-century French monk known as Brother Lawrence wrote of his experience with God: “I began to live as if there were not one in the world but Him and me. I adored Him as often as I could, keeping my mind in his holy presence and recalling it as often as it wandered. I had no little difficulty in this exercise, but I kept on despite all the difficulties and was not worried or distressed when I was involuntarily distracted. I did this during the day as often as I did it during the formal time specifically set aside for prayer, for at all times, at every hour, at every moment, even in the busiest times of my work, I banished and put away from my mind everything capable of diverting me from the thought of God.”

Stay on the path no matter what!