Read Isaiah 7:14

A few days ago I noted that on that first trip to Thailand we were given the task of going up into the mountains to the various villages. We would bounce along in 4×4 trucks through ruts, mud holes and down trails that could never be called a “road.” (They have since paved these same trails). Over the roar of the engines one team member shouted, “No signs here. You sure have to know where you’re going.”

Fortunately for us believers we don’t have to guess about where we are headed. We don’t have to wonder if this is the right road we are on. In fact, God sent us a “sign” through His Son Jesus Christ. So…take a deep breath and then sigh with relief. your fears can subside. We can rejoice because we are on the right path and we can dwell in safety even in the midst of rough terrain and life’s little storms.

O Immanuel, God with us, help this church family, help us individually to see the signs that show us how much you care for us today! In Jesus’ Name. Amen.