Read James 5:13-20

This past week I walked with my youngest down the aisle to marry her to a great young man. As I watched their joy, their happiness their hopes for the future a question did arise. A question every believer just starting out or one who has been on the path for many years. How do we live the most significant life possible? Answer: We serve our way into the life style God expects from every believer.

Fact: We will never be strong enough, smart enough or courageous enough for this world which is why we need faith. One of the significant things we learn about Elijah (from James) is that he was just like you and me. Although he was a man of phenomenal miracles, of powerful sermons, of emotional highs and lows, the Bible says he was just like us!

So what doe God expect from that couple just starting out? What does He expect from you and me? To push past our comfort zones and serve the hungry, to seek the lost and bring the good news of a risen Christ. In that process we learn that God is all we need, that we are not dependent on our paycheck, or even our education. God graciously supplies all our needs. People just like us only learn through service.

Father, today I’m praying the servant’s prayer: watch over the young just starting out keep them safe, watch over those of us who have stumbled along this path for some time keep us safe as well as we serve You on the path. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.