I really didn’t know what to write today so as I was meditating one of my favorite early writers came to mind. Meister Eckhart who wrote these words, “Where my soul is, there is God, and where God is, there too is my soul.” Which of course raised a question for me:  Where is my soul? Where am I in this process of being plunged into the mysterious union with Christ?

Answer: Some days I don’t know what to pray. Some days I’m too tired to talk to God. So I’m forced  to just relax and listen. Which for me is the hardest of all spiritual disciplines and is probably the best thing for my spiritual life. Really? Sure because it means I’m not talking, I’m not giving God a long list of my needs. Which results in my spiritual ears being opened up and I can then hear my Savior. Which results, as Meister Eckhart puts it, “where my soul is,” resting within my God.

Okay that all sounds a little too spiritual and deep for a Baptist preacher but you know what? It is the truth. So today why not take just a few moments to shut up. Relax, listen, pray and shout with the apostle Paul, “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me” (Gal. 2:20).

See you on the path….