Our team in Myanmar saw faces broken, hands broken, lives broken and in the process our hearts were broken. By the time we were done our people were exhausted, sick and tired. But we were also awed by what God had allowed to happen through us.

At one point during the longest day the Sayadaw asked to talk with me. We sat in the kitchen away from everyone and we discussed our journey up to that point. I was struck by how similar we were as religious leaders. Both of us seem to allow the people to go about their work, when asked we give direction, set vision, look for ways to serve, teach and to be enlightened through service, meditation, prayer and study.

But then he asked the question I wondered if would ever be asked, “Why had we actually said yes to his invitation?” Here was my reply, “We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that he was raised from the dead so that we can have hope for today and eternity tomorrow. He is our Savior and we believe He expects us to go and serve. That as we serve people will ask who are these Christians? Why would they travel so far to see us? They will then learn that Christ brings light and love to dark places and dark lives in our world.”

The Sayadaw got up and started to walk away. I figured It was over. I had offended this respected teacher and we would never have to worry about ever seeing Myanmar again. But…he stopped, turned and said, “Thank you for coming and we are fortunate and blessed that you did so. Please let us work together so you can return this is the right thing to do.”

Yes we have been invited back. Really God? You continue to amaze me.

Lord we glorify your name. May the mystery of Your love for us blaze through the complexities of politics, religion, social rules so that in all we do, all we say is so your name might be praised!