On our return trip we stopped at the Immanuel Baptist Church in Yangon to have a small clinic. While there we learned they too have a medical team that goes to the highlands and works with the Karen tribal people. One of our team physicians went to their lead doctor to tell them we had some surplus supplies they might possibly use. In fact, we had two stethoscopes and two blood pressure cuffs we just didn’t need.

I was told the man just stared for a moment and then asked, “Did God tell you to bring those things? Because we have prayed for two stethoscopes and two blood pressure cuffs.” Our doctor smiled and replied, “I’m not sure you will have to ask Rev. Jack.”

So they did! My answer was this, “God sent us to Myanmar and in the process He obviously gave us some extra supplies that you need. We had no idea we were the instruments supplied in order to get these to you. But we serve a great merciful and mysterious Savior.” Together we said “Amen.”

If you pause long enough to think of the possibilities those stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs represent you might go along your path a little differently today. To think the God of creation knows us so intimately recognizes the needs each of us has and arranges situations so lives can be changed is…life changing. I don’t know about you but not only is that faith building yet a little scary as well. Of course the Bible says God knows the numbers of the hairs on our heads. But still…to think you with the help of God can for a brief moment change lives, see eyes brightened be a part of miracles is breath taking.

See you on this mysterious, miraculous journey…