Read John 15:5

As I’m sitting here in my office they are doing some concrete work outside. There is a lot of racket which brought back memories. Thoughts of when I was director of the Asian Friendship Center that was located on land owned by the Fresno Flood Control District. Which meant we lived on borrowed time. When the city needed our buildings or needed to widen the property for water management we were gone.

I can still remember listening to the earthmovers, graters and other heavy equipment working outside the front door. How inch by growing inch, as the years went by, our time was growing short. Gradually the gardens had to go and finally the buildings until today there is nothing left where we ministered, cried, labored and praised God. Now all that remains is highway 168 and no one would ever guess that people’s lives had been changed where only concrete and speeding cars now remain.

Was it worth it? Jesus gives us a promise that tells us the secret to really making a difference in this world. The mystery of staying connected to Christ. Which means facing the fact that without a Savior you are merely taking up space. That we must let God direct our lives to mold us. To use the resources the gifts, the abilities you have to make a difference today… trust me you can’t worry about tomorrow.

What have I learned as I’ve struggled with these realities of making a difference for Jesus? That significance is not a game. People who help change lives live by a heavenly set of standards. Significant people make significant changes because they KNOW God has secured not only today but tomorrow as well. When connected to Jesus Christ you are never on your own. Which means you really can take risks to “bear fruit.”

Okay there is a lot of noise right now in our world but lets stop and say a short prayer: My Lord and God help me to do one thing to show another that Jesus Christ cares for them today! Amen. See you on the path…