Today in my morning devotional I was reading about Ignatius of Antioch. Ignatius may actually have bee a disciple of John the Evangelist. Little is known about his life other than he led the church at Antioch around the year AD 69 and of course his death. He was condemned to die during the time of emperor Trajan’s persecution.

But here’s the thing that gave me pause. On his way to Rome, by boat, they would make stops at the shores of Asia Minor so he could preach to the churches along the way. When he arrived in Rome believers came from everywhere to celebrate his presence and to grieve his upcoming martyrdom. He asked for blessings upon the church, for care of the faithful then was fed to the lions.

Today who will you comfort? Who will you tell your life story so another can gain hope? Along the way today enjoy the grace, the love the peace only a living Savior can provide?

Dear loving God instil in me the want, the excitement to preach love and forgiveness in time of joy and grief. Amen!