Well the concrete work is finished. Looks nice and the ramp that was needed to assist some of our parishioners is finished. But what is interesting is how this one little change impacted our neighborhood.

Some months ago we had a new couple come to church. They live only a few houses away and the wife is in a wheel chair. Now we have all the recommended and needed facilities prescribed by law for those with special needs. But…this couple happens to reside on the end of the property that doesn’t have a ramp. Subsequently the husband has to walk quite a way around to the existing ramp so they can enjoy worship.

The men of the church have been good stewards and watch for the couple each Sunday and help them over the curb and into the church. But eventually we decided this is wrong lets just have a ramp put in so they can come without feeling like they are a problem. So we did and its finished.

But what surprised me is how this couple witnessed. They told their neighbors, their friends that out church cared enough to spend some money, to take the time, to show some respect and make a way for them to worship. Boy did that get noticed. The neighbor across the street came and said, “I want to see the preacher.”

He  proceeded to tell me how he had never trusted the church after some things happened to him in the past. Thought he would never even consider entering a church again. In fact, just being in my office was a huge step and made him cringe just a little. But after what he had heard and seen with one of his neighbors. How we built a ramp just for them well…maybe just maybe church was a possibility again. He then stomped out.

Lord, teach us the power of generosity that interrupts our lives and causes us to slow down just for a moment to see the world around us. Bless us with extravagant love, care and giving through your divine love. Amen.

See you on the path, the ramp, the sidewalk maybe even in the church.