I’m in Philadelphia for a World Relief meeting and didn’t arrive until 2:00 am because of several delays. Which for some odd reason caused me to remember a similar flight that was delayed and also arrived very late. Of course that particular flight was to Puerto Rico but I was there for a similar meeting.

This is how that trip went… After hours and hours I arrived about 11:00 pm. The hotel then informed me there was a mistake and they were really overbooked but they had another room for me further down the coast. Unfortunately as I could tell there was a celebration going on and the chance of getting a taxi was going to be really tough. But I could walk it since I could see the hotel from here. So I started out and was surprised to see entire families gathered around bonfires, singing, eating having a great time so late at night. As I struggled along through the sand with brief case and luggage in hand people would greet me and shout something which I couldn’t quite understand.

Then it happened…midnight. All at once there was shouting, singing and people grabbing my arms. They turned me around and walked backwards into the ocean. Me, my luggage, my papers and hundreds of people.

After a lot of smiles, laughing, back slapping and handshaking I was released. Around 2:00 am wet, dripping, and covered in sand I reached the hotel. Funny thing is staff didn’t say a thing just smiled and said, “Happy St. John’s Day!”

Dear God life is a series of surprises, joys and frustrations. Grant us the ability and courage to face each one with anticipation and excitement. Allow us to celebrate with service and dips in the ocean of Your grace. Amen.