Okay…God obviously has a great sense of humor. I’m on a plane headed for Phoenix and then on to Fresno. Sitting next to me is a man in saffron robes. The exact same shade as those of the monks we worked with In Myanmar. So…I had to ask…where are you from?

He smiled and said that he was from a country that used to be called Burma. He had been sent by his monastery to do some training in Philadelphia and was then going to stop in Phoenix to visit an old friend.
He asked, “Have you ever heard of my country?” I had to apologize for laughing.

We talked about the medical team and our recent journey to his country. We discussed how Judson had come to his land 200 years ago,we talked religion and meditation. He then asked me why we went to Burma. Man that question shows up a lot.

I took the opportunity to share how Jesus sends us out to serve to help bring hope. How at some point people will ask the question why? We then can share our lives, our hope our belief In the Kingdom of God.

He was quiet the rest of the journey. As we said good bye he paused then stated, “You have given me much to think about.”

Which is all we can ask right? God will do the rest. But really Father these Buddhists are starting to pile up on my resume. Dear God what a joy to be able to share, to speak to lift up the saving grace of you our Savior. May the entire world come and ask the question, “Why did you come?” Amen!

Stay on the mysterious, wonderful path our Savior has for you!