Yesterday  I mentioned a great quote from Rev. Cortes on his work in Philadelphia. How he feels ministry is about commitment, accountability and faith. That by working together as a believing community we are able to not only lift others up but provide a way for people to excel as well.

Which reminded me of our work with the Akha Youth Foundation and Rev. Luka Chermui in Chiang Rai, Thailand. We helped them buy land for rice production so they would not have to spend limited resources on buying rice. Which obviously is a budget saver and security issue as well, the children can be fed no matter what the economic situation. We helped them start a cattle ministry to support the local farmers to build beef production and provide a source of protein. A sister church in Sanger, California helped enlarge the pond so there could be more water storage and irrigation for the fields.

In other words we are helping the community look forward. To literally own the “pond” to be proactive for the future believers. But this takes  community, this takes you and I. Dorothy Day wrote, “Whatever I had read as a child about the saints had thrilled me. I could see the nobility of giving one’s life for the sick, the maimed, the leper. But there was another question in my mind. Why was so much done in remedying the evil instead of avoiding it in the first place? Where were the saints to try to change the social order, not just minister to the slaves, but to do away with slavery?”

Okay fellow travels on the path. Start asking God, “Where is the pond you want me to help sustain to help construct? Where should I be teaming up with another believer to bring the Kingdom of God?”