Mark 11:24 “Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and you will.”

I received a phone call today from a Mark Ly. He asked, “Rev. Jack do you remember me? I know its been about 27 years but I was in California and thought I would give you a call.”

As we talked  about the last several decades what had changed in his life we also paused and gave thanks for his uncle Ly. I first met his relation in 1987 when serving as a resettlement representative here in Fresno. Mr. Ly had been in the Vietnam conflict, he had been a soldier since he was 14. He witnessed the death of his mother, father and all his family, he believed. After the conflict he escaped to Thailand and was eventually allowed to come to America. He came to me for information, help and to worship. After some months he decided to accept Christ but he had one request. Before entering the waters of baptism he wanted us to pray to our Savior with hope that one person from his family had survived.

He was baptized on Sunday and on Monday I received a phone call from World Church Service wanting to know if we had a man in our agency with the last name of Ly. Yes…Guess what? They had a child they were hoping to place with family. Sure enough we were able to bring them together, to bring them home.

Dear Lord and Master, sometimes we forget You are the ruler of all. Our daily routine seems so important and yet is so trivial. Thank You Father for reminding us that prayer is all that is required. When I pause, and lift my life up to You a chill seems to come over me. To think a Savior and a power such as You really cares about my little life, my relationships my needs. Thank You Holy God for loving me.

See you on the path…