Romans 8:37 “Despite all this, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ who loved us enough to die for us.”

Last month I was invited to bring a devotion to the World Relief Committee. The chairperson informed me it only had to be ten minuets. Which reminded me of a time when speaking in Western Kansas and the deacon of a small church stood with me at the back before worship. He put his arm around my shoulders and pointed toward the front of the church. He said, “Pastor I know you love bringing a word of hope to the people. I know you get very excited about missions and all the work God has blessed you with but do you see that cross on the altar?” I nodded and he continued, “Well since you are a very educated man I know you think you know what the Latin letters mean in the center of that cross.” I nodded and he continued, “Well here in this church the I.H.S. means IN Hour Stop!”

Dear Savior, watch over me sometimes I don’t know when to be quiet  or when to stop pushing. I know in Your good time the job will be done for “Despite all this” what really matters is Your gift of grace.

Today slow down on the path and enjoy what God has for you today!