Read Matthew 2:11

During my career and joy as a missionary, new church planter, preacher, chaplain and counselor one scene still remains with me especially when Thanksgiving draws near. One Sunday as a craft project I had taken two paper plates, had the children decorate them, stapled them together and just before closing placed dried beans inside. Making a great tambourine for the little ones.

All the children were having a great time until about an hour later I noticed something odd.  They were still carrying the instruments but no longer making noise (I mean music). I asked one of the leaders, “Where are all the beans?”

She replied, “Well Jerry’s family had not had any food for a couple of days so the children decided to put all the beans together for him to take home.” I stood there in shock and shame. Needless to say we found them help for the days ahead and that night also delivered a box of groceries home to go along with the gift of dried beans.

Dear Jesus, those little ones were demonstrating the love you have for all people. Lord in the days ahead give me the strength to live freely, to give freely as those children, not asking or expecting anything in return.

Walk with a child of faith down the path this day…