Read Romans 12:5

I got a letter from a servant in Thailand giving thanks for White Cross, a ministry of American Baptist women. This is an outreach where women around the states gather health kits, school supplies, even bandages for some of our mission hospitals and clinics box it all up and send it to the various sites. In fact, when working with immigration I was on the recipient side of this very work

I can still recall one time I had several leaders with me and we were opening similar gifts that had arrived just in time for thanksgiving. Of course the question came, “Why do we receive things like new clothes, crayons, towels, diapers and needed items from strangers?”

I explained that women gathered, bought, made and mailed at their expense these to us in order to assist them our new neighbors. There was this look of shock and then the statement, “They care so much to send these to strangers? Then we must work hard to share our Christ so those who gave know we are trying hard.”

Sometimes when its budget time, when we as a church are looking at what we consider “worthy” expenses I remember days opening gifts from others. How many times there just wasn’t going to be enough money, supplies, and items to make it through the year. Then all at once at the door would be just what we needed in boxes neatly packaged with God’s love.

Dear God help us understand how rich we really are and push us to give, to serve to lift another along the path, to “work hard” for you our Savior.