I’ve been blogging for a few weeks and honestly have enjoyed the process. Every day I stop at some point and look at the stats to see how many have been reading and from where. Of course there have been readers from my church but also consistently there have been visitors from around the world and more specifically from Brazil and India. Every day I would check and there would be the symbols of those countries and I knew my unknown brothers and sisters from far away were in prayer with me.

Then one day the flags representing them were missing. No big deal but the next day gone as well. It was then I realized I missed those unknown partners. I started wondering what happened? Are they okay? How have their lives changed to the point they couldn’t read the blog? I stopped and prayed for them.

Eberhard Arnold said, “Life in community is no less than a necessity for us-it is an inescapable “must” that determines everything we do and think. Yet it is not our good intentions or efforts that have been decisive in our choosing this way of life. Rather, we have been overwhelmed by a certainty-a certainty that has its origin and power in the Source of everything that exists. We acknowledge God as this Source. We must live in community because all life created by God exists in a communal order and works toward community.” Come let us sing to the LORD: let us shout for joy to the Rock of our salvation. We walk this path together!

By the way… yesterday the symbols were back. I was relieved, I was joyous! May God continue to watch over you my brothers and sisters that I’ve never met,  in places I’ve never been, yet we walk in community we walk together. God bless you!