Read Psalms 141:3

A man just left my office who I have been helping for a number of years. He has struggled with homelessness, hunger, loneliness, prison you name it this man has survived it. For just a moment I flashed back a number of years to another younger man and his struggle to just get by as well. Now his story is nothing like the man’s today but for some reason God brought him to mind.

His name was Mike and one afternoon he was banging on my office door, I answered, “Come in” and before he could say another word I continued, “What are you doing out of school?” As the story unfolded I learned that he had been kicked out of school for fighting.

Apparently during the noon break one of his classmates kept spitting on Mike’s lunch. Now Mike was one of elven children, had no father figure around and knew what it meant to grow up hard. Yet, he said to me, “I tried, I really did! I went to the teacher and told her what was going on and that he was going to get hurt if h didn’t stop. She told me to sit down and be quiet. Well I went back and he did it again, so I broke his nose. Danny, I remembered about Jesus, about turning my cheek, but I couldn’t take it any more.”

Mike did wrong and he knew it, but he did try and honestly if someone had been listening he probably would have succeeded in turning away. There are moments when the best of us shines forth and we become capable of generosity. Mike was facing one of those moments and needed help to “guard” his actions.

My point? Well each day of our lives we come into contact with people who have so many wants. Some could use a friend whom is willing to donate time, to listen, to get help to church, to school, maybe even to a hospital. What is our answer? To go sit down and shut up? Hope the problems, the needs, the people will simply fade or walk away?

Today dear Savior watch over my lips over my life. That I never willfully or unwittingly turn away a child, a man or woman who seeks help and ultimately You our God. I guarantee there is someone who needs your help on the path today.