As a Baptist church we don’t have many responsive readings within our worship times. But for Thanksgiving and leading into Advent I have been utilizing this tool more than usual. On top of that within the readings have been a time of confession.

But…I have received some emails objecting to the inclusion of confession in our worship preparation since “it makes us feel bad.” Honestly it took me a few moments after reading such comments to really comprehend if they were joking or being real. Because I admit if the goal of worship is to make us feel better about ourselves then confession won’t do the job. Why? Because such an opportunity is to force us to confront who and what we really are.

When we confess who we are to the Savior, who already knows us in and out, we have a chance at emotional integrity. We are forgiven and get to start over but not forgetting where we’ve been. In other words, we get to accept ourselves because God accepts us for who we are and we are freed from guilt.

Guess what? I think I was wrong. Worship really does raise our self-esteem.

As a mentor pastor of mine used to say, “Church is a hospital for sinners not a hotel for saints.” So together let us confess so that we can move forward on the path. Sharing, serving, singing as authentic individuals together in worship.

See you in church!