When first working with the Hmong refugees from the camps in Thailand we had a celebration around Thanksgiving. There was a wonderful variety of foods one being a spring roll that contained…well lets say it had meat inside that was still well…not cooked. They brought me one with all the trimmings and waited for me to take my first bite.

Okay I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I was a guest in so many ways. I took the bite and…I lied. I said, “This is delicious.” Not that it was horrible actually was very tasty but it was the non-cooked part that disturbed me. But everyone was so excited by my response they went and came back with three more and stood around and watched me eat each and every one.

Dear God would you instruct us in our tribulations, and our thanksgivings and our celebrations? Make us students and receptive. Help us to be patient rather than look for easy answers to life situations. Of course also help us to watch our mouths. So my Savior be patient with me today. Amen.

See you on the path of service and thanksgiving…