Our church has an active outreach globally and here at home. We collect canned goods, diapers, pastries and we reach out spiritually, financially and physically to seven specific ministries. They work with the homeless, forgotten children, gangs, and families just trying to get by. We reach out through medical missions to Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. Sending every other year a team of physicians, nurses, eye doctors, pharmacists and volunteers to heal and witness. God has blessed these ministries and honestly such work is one reason I’m still pastoring.

But…someone just left my office that left me confused, hurt and yes angry. They wanted to know how long we should keep doing such ministries? How long should we keep giving and get so little in return? Really? Actually after all these years of ministry I just sat there with nothing to say.

So I’m asking that you pray with me and for me. That as believers we are called to bring healing to the Kingdom of God to the hurting, lonely and lost. So pray with me so I continue to have the courage to push brothers and sisters in Christ to  seek and not avoid those dark corners of this world. Pray that this Christmas our hearts are broken. That as a believing community around the world we might seek and discover our Savior in those places You have called us to go and bring light.

Okay…thanks I feel better knowing I’m not alone on this sometimes difficult path.