violetWhen I lived in the Midwest we had hummingbirds but only in the Spring and Summer. When Fall arrived the little hummers left for warmer climates. But when we got to California we discovered there is a species that stays year long here in the San Joaquin Valley and we were delighted.

In fact, over the years my wife and I have become quite attached to these little creations. They wait for the feeder to be filled, they trill from the trees when we come outside. They circle the bottle brush at unbelievable speeds. But…there is one thing they do which seems to bring sheer joy to them, I know it does to me.

When I water the cactus in my yard they come and hover waiting…and waiting and waiting. But for what? That was my question the first time it happened. Then I discovered the answer by pure accident. I shouted, “What do you want? You look like you have a request. I don’t get it.” As I was pleading my case I accidently lifted the nozzle so the water shot up and formed a waterfall…that was the answer.

They literally streaked through the water bathing in the shower. They would pause in the sunlight and the droplets would reflect off their wings like diamonds. Truly fantastic and if only I could catch a photo of that mystery. But then maybe just maybe that would take away from the wonder of it all. Of course now I have one more duty in life. Make sure the hummers get a bath. Isn’t life one incredible miracle after another?

Look for a moment of joy on the path today and may God bless your travels.