nativity I was sitting at my desk working on a sermon for the New Year and glanced over at a nativity scene I have on the bookshelf. I picked it up on a trip to Puerto Rico. I like it for the simplicity. A mother, a Godly man and a baby.

As I was pondering that little family I went back to the scripture and read Luke 2:4.  “So Joseph also went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem the town of David, because he belonged to the house and line of David.” What jumped out for me was that simple phrase, “So Joseph also went…”

How hard that must have been to “also went…” His plans had drastically been rearranged. The woman he loved, the life he expected, the hopes he had were all changed at a moment’s notice. The reality is he didn’t have to go on that long journey no one made him.  But he went. He could have changed his mind at the last moment and said “Nope., not going to happen today. Leaving that woman and her soon to arrive kid at home. ” He could have thrown a huge spiritual, emotional and physical fit. But he didn’t. He put his trust in God’s plan and…went.

Okay…you and I have been down this Advent path before. In fact, the whole thing starts to feel like a routine. Same old same old. The journey to Bethlehem, lighting candles, sing a carol or two, open a few presents you know…Christmas.

But maybe today you and I should stop and marvel at the wonder and simplicity of it all. A mother, a child and a man who stood firm, who walked together into the unknown because they knew God was with them. Just for today lets be astonished by the simple Christmas story. Shouting with the angels “Glory, glory and glory some more!” Then walk out of our homes, jobs, churches and live like this couple. A life of courage, strength, hope and joy because we too have the Word Incarnate in our lives today!

Joy to you on your path today!