congregation Some of you have written and asked about my congregation. How big, how diverse, how often we meet? Well the photo is not that greatest but gives you an idea of who we are. Merry Christmas from your brothers and sisters in Christ from Fresno California. A body of believers that gather with the purpose of worship, ministry and mission. A congregation born out of missions and who sees its purpose and vision as serving both locally and globally. Building relationships we attempt to shine His light in the dark corners of this world and within our hearts. Why? So others may see more clearly the glory and creation brought on that Holy Night.

One of the early church fathers wrote, “The righteous person will shine a hundred times more brightly than the sun, and once saved, even the smallest among you will shine a hundred times more brightly than the moon” Epiphanius.

Well probably won’t be able to blog for a few days but dear friends “shine” this Christmas. May God bless you and yours on this most Holy night. Amen.