translateI was touring the 1797 Mission San Miguel Arcangel outside of Paso Robles California. Probably the best preserved interior of all the missions in California. Truly beautiful if you haven’t had the opportunity you should make the trip.

Inside the padre’s dormitory there is some graffiti. Actually put their long ago by one of the monks above his bed. It reads, “Ten en su memoria (muerte) juicio infierno y gloria.” Or in English, “Keep in mind (death), judgment, hell and heaven.”

As you face the new year take a moment to consider your life. What are your goals? Where are you headed? Is it all just stuff and clutter? Or are you making a difference? Take the opportunity January offers to begin again, to renew your life. To translate what you believe into action. “Keep in mind” this life is much shorter than you think. Today is what you have tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Twentieth-century Jesuit Alfred Delp wrote, “If through one man’s life there is a little more love and kindness, a little more light and truth in the world, then he will not have lived in vain.”

Lord, it is hard. I mean really hard to be patient. Obviously your timing is not mine. Your paths are often not mine. So please dear Shepherd help me from rushing about and prepare me, even though I don’t want it, for today with discipline and probably even sacrifice so another may not stumble on the path. Help me translate my life so another may have peace, purpose and hope. Amen.