Ordination2 We just celebrated an ordination of a young woman that grew up here in FCBC. What really impressed me was the women that showed up to support her ordination, to gather about her and lift this woman up to God. Which brought to mind a statement from Henri Nouwen.

He stated in his book Reaching Out, “If there were no students constantly asking for good teachers, there would be no good teachers. The same is true for spiritual guides. There are many men and women with great spiritual sensitivity whose talents remain dormant because we do not make an appeal to them.”

Take seriously your call to more intimacy with our Savior. Part of doing so is finding a companion to walk with you into the silence. Don’t hesitate to email, call or even write me for information on spiritual direction. You can even find more details at http://www.intothesilence.org or http://www.sdiworld.org.

See you on the path.