I was sitting in our sanctuary in the quiet and dark. I happened to glance up and noticed sunlight streaming through upper windows and striking the Bible on our altar. I was intrigued and interested to see what passage the sunbeams might be highlighting. As I leaned over to look this is what I read, “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven,” Matt. 5:16.

Richard Peace in his book, Noticing God says this, “We need a God of everyday life, a God who is nearer to us than our next breath, one whose love surrounds us as we go about ordinary life. In fact, this is how the Bible describes God-as one who is present in our space/time reality. The challenge of course, is to apprehend the presence of God in the midst of our busy world.”

Is it just coincidence that the sunlight hit this passage which caused me to go further with God causing me to ask myself questions about how to best use my life and calling to bring light to a dark world? For me the answer is nope. I encourage you as well to accept the “challenge” of taking the time to look, watch and wait for the Lord to help you discern where HE WANTS YOU TO SERVE WHERE he wants you to “shine!”

See you on the path!