I just finished a written report to The American Baptist Churches about our Matthew 25 ministry. I have to say my years as a pastor and director of home mission projects I’ve been the part of many food pantries, clothing drives and grass roots projects to lift up those who fall through the cracks in our society. BUT I have never been part of a ministry that has the opportunity to distribute breads, cookies, and cakes to the hungry. Even as I started to work in this project I had to confront my own personal bias about what we were attempting to do (get donations of day old pastries and other baked goods in order to distribute to the homeless and various neighborhoods struggling to survive.)

I was always in favor of trying this outreach, I just didn’t feel God would bless the ministry. BOY WAS I WRONG! God allowed those cupcakes to smack me in the moral, ethical and theological stomach. Sure we need to feed, to clothe to give a cup of cold water but it should be beans, rice and other staples right? We know what’s best for the poor right? I mean if they are going to eat what we give should be on our terms right? (Did I honestly say that? Yep I really did).

God has taken the baked goods, God has taken our work and blessed the seven outreaches we currently help. We have given diapers, cakes, breads, peanut butter, jelly, clothes, school items, back packs, sent children to camp, we have seen doors open to the Gospel we have seen our lives change. We have seen the Gospel of our Lord sweeten lives.

Of course you could say, “Danny where has your head been? Don’t you remember what Christ did with bread? With a few fish?” Your right and sometimes I’m just a little slow.

“Let me hear of your loving-kindness in the morning, for I put my trust in you, show me the road that I must walk, for I lift up my soul to you.” Psalm 143:8

Walk the walk