Yesterday I learned of a sister in Christ that I had known and served with for many years in Kansas City had now transferred her membership to heaven. A dedicated and quiet woman that assisted with our after school clubs, distributed meals for a senior adult program and helped with worship. But, most of all a woman I never heard speak an unkind word about anyone or anything.

At Christmas time churches would send us new items of clothing and toys for distribution at what we called, “Santa’s Workshop.” Several hundred families would come and every child received a coat, gloves, and a new toy of their choice. I have to say of all the outreaches I’ve been a part of this one seemed to bring the most help with the most dignity.

On one particular cold December Saturday the families were lined up around the block when something terrible happened! Shots rang out down the block. A man with an M-16 was randomly shooting at cars and people. Individuals started to run, children began to cry; everything was chaos for a few moments until our sister in Christ calmly strode up to the line.

She said, “OK everyone just calm down! There is plenty of space in the dining room and in the halls. Let’s just quietly and quickly go inside.”

Everyone did just that! All had a great time singing Christmas carols, having a snack, picking out clothes and gifts for their families and feeling safe. Why? What had taken place? One gentle Christian said, “Slow down there’s nothing to worry about its all under God’s control.”

Dear Savior, allow me the opportunity to serve the church and our world with the gifts you have blessed me with. There are so many people hurting in this world and I might just be the one who has the particular history and opportunity to change their lives for You. Give me the courage to be like the saints I have known. Those who quietly and with steadfast energy do Your will. Together we can stay on the path…