I did not realize there were so many people that treasured cats and also read my blog. So to honor those of you who have been kind and written to me here is one more story about the kittens that visit my house…then I should be done and you dog lovers won’t have to read any more stories about the feline nation.

Here goes…about four years ago a cat started appearing every morning on our backyard fence. She would watch our every move. You could tell she was malnourished, was desperate to come and eat when seeing us feed Bell but she never ventured off the fence until she thought we were gone.

We would call her. bring water, milk, dried  and wet food all in attempt to get her off the fence. Nothing worked. I started calling her KC for kitty cat. But she would not be moved. Except when quiet then she would slowly walk toward the house, gobble up the gifts and then scamper back to the security of the fence.

Every time I would see those eyes I could almost hear her asking me some questions. “Will you try to kick, throw something at or the very least attempt to hurt me in some way?  Is this the day I have to run one more time? A cat can never be too cautious. You can never let your guard down there’s always the chance you could be hurt again.”

I am happy to report KC found a home with a neighbor. A woman that needed a companion, someone to love and be loved by. Two spirits that found comfort together.

Why have I taken the time to blog about these little souls? Well they are great examples of the pain all around us. God’s creation alone, separated, anxious needing someone just to sit with to bring a little security into their lives. Yes you guessed it! Its not just about pets, even though the plight of many creatures in our world are a symptom of the sin in this world, but about all God’s creation. I’m blogging about us!

Thomas Merton wrote, “The monk does not come to the monastery to ‘get’ something which the ordinary Christian cannot have. On the contrary, he comes there in order to realize and to appreciate all that any good Christian already has. He comes to live his Christian life, and thus to appreciate to the full his heritage as a son of God. He comes in order that he might see and understand that he already possesses everything.”

Today as a believer as one that “already possesses everything” rejoice in God’s creation. Take a moment on this path to pause, to enjoy and then…yes…help someone along the way. You know you can. In fact, you must because we all depend, all creation, depends upon us.

May God bless you and all those spirits you care for…