So what was my Big Insight when sitting at the piano? I realized this…without the pause between the notes there cannot be any music. (I can almost hear you laughing and saying, “Well of course!) But you see this “pause” transfers to our spiritual life as well…our times of prayer and contemplation.

img_4047You must pause, you must spend time in silence in order to hear God. If we are constantly talking, if we are always pounding away on the keys in joy, frustration, busyness and anger we will never hear the music of our Savior, the life He wants for us. STOP, PAUSE, LISTEN!

This has made a profound difference in my spiritual walk. To sit in quiet for a few moments, to open my spiritual ears. Try it this week and let me know how it is working for you. If you seek guidance let me know and we can spend some time in silence together.

Thomas Merton notes in his book, New Seeds of Contemplation, that “…contemplation cannot be taught. It cannot even be clearly explained. It can only be hinted at, suggested, pointed to, symbolized.” My “suggestion” spend some time in solitude, in silence, take  pause between the pounding keys and you will be surprised by God.